NEW ZEALAND VISA SCAMS - NZ Visa scams are rife world wide.


  • B1 is a Business Visa & B2 must be applied for separately. Nonsense. Apply for these simultaneously at same costs so you can do more when in USA. State clearly on you applications at all countries if you intend to holiday and business. 

  • Travel agents charge from US$ 100 is the normal processing fee. But a consultant isn't necessary unless you need to save time using secretarial services. 

USA - L1 - To open a branch of a foreign company in USA

  • You have to invest more than $ 100,000 in the USA to get in under an L1. That is a hoax. You need 2 years audited statements, a business plan, investment could be as little as $ 30,000 to start up a business. There are usually requirements to employ local. We have that information for you. Business plans from US$ 250, Financial Statements from US$ 250. If you want to go to town with a large scale business, we'll charge $ 100 per hour, but the standard stock plans we keep are enough to get the visa through.

  • VISA processing costs US$ 20,000. False. It is not more than


USA EB5 - This is the where the big sharks swim. ONE MUST INVEST $ 500,000 & EMPLOY NINE LEGAL US RESIDENT. These are common lies:

  • We charge US$ 70,000 is the usual application fee. Nonsense. It is willing buyer and seller. $ 5,000 is enough to cover the work.

  • We are a Regional Centre, so we are very safe and approved by US government - false. A RC is a privately owned property or business developer that has a project compliant with state objectives. It has nothing to do with implied credit worthiness or government endorsement. There are 872 |Regional Centres in USA. Insist on an LC, Lien or property to secure the investment.

  • Only RCs may get you into the USA through investment - False. Any company may make a complaint offer to the investor and deliver the Green card - if they know the application and auditing process. 

  • RC's don't secure your money because the US Government insists your money is at risk, False. Ask for collateral just like SA investors do.

  • You have to invest your money interest free for five years. The correct period is two years plus the period to process the Green Card which is usually six months.

  • We cannot guarantee that you will get your green card by law - correct but you can state that if the developer stuffs up the developer is liable for damages from misrepresentation, including all the above information.


  • False Residence Permits - Bangladeshi's stole GBP 13 million from the tax payer plus millions in fees for false visas  UK


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