The Trans Union scoring system is universal. Our credit tools use their system to create credit, reduce cost to you an create business opportunities. An income of $ 48,000/pa will create up to US$ 450,000 to buy vehicles, investment property, a house and fund businesses if you follow the rules. Making US$ 24,000 pp in USA abroad is easy. You could earn that doing market survey forms for research companies, so this target should be your minimum expectation. This credit facility could create these benefits:

  • United states telephone number, unlimited calls from 120 countries, website, domain name, email address, provide  a registered office and enough C/Rating to sign a lease - $ 100 per month

  • Reduce initial costs of relocation from $ 3,200 per month to US$ 1,029 for accommodation, car & phones

  • Qualify immediately for a $ 120,000 buy to let property - paying only 4.95% interest while earning 6.5% net rent

  • Within 24 months, become eligible for a home mortgage of US$ 400,000 - 3.5% own payment & 3.95% interest

  • Avoid car rentals costing US$ 1,360/pm! Buy from Chrysler Tampa (4.9% interest) - Dodge Ram US$ 380/pm  & Jeep Compass US$ 286/pm

As with SA credit, if you pay your account on time, your credit score goes up.If you don't it falls. If you doin't have + 650/1000, you can't lease property or buy cars, leaving you in hotels, motels and with car hire copmpanies or bus


The most popular destination for South Africans is UK, followed by Australia and then New Zealand. However we advise you to consider investing in USA wherever you want to live for these reasons:

  • Australia, New Zealand & UK do not have exchange control and therefore you may invest where you like without restriction

  • USA is growing to a staggering 3.6%/pa owing to President Trumps reversal of Clinton, Bush and Obama  era trade restrictions that caused a massive outflow of capital to Europe and China. Even US socialists will have difficulty to reverse Trump policies.

  • Trump policies rejuvenated US manufacturing consumer confidence is likely to remain high for probably a term after he leaves the Presidency during 2024, so be believe the worst case is US$ 30,000 invested in USA property will produce at the least US$ 97,175 by 2029. There is no other economy worldwide that has matched this since 2008.

  • US Unemployment is less than 3%: the lowest since 1778, per capita income is up 5.25% causing a massive wave of consumer confidence. President Trumps Presidency offers you unprecedented opportunity to create net asset value of $ 288,780 per US$ 30,000 invested during 2019 by 2038.

  • As it becomes evident to American socialists that the economic policies of  President Regan's and President  Trump are nearly identical there will be  swing right as the socialists realize they earn more money and pay less tax under President Trump - this will boost confidence and cause spending and stimulation of the economy.

  • The Regan & rump Model proves increasing import duties, deregulating business and lowering taxes results in more taxes paid and less need for social security.

  • We are of the opinion that the combined effect of Trump Policies and a swing to the right will result in twenty years of economic growth.

  • Regan caused a boom that lasted 20 years. President Trump has done far more for the US economy and in particular US Foreign Policy than President Regan achieved. Trump implemented policies that caused a drop in black and Hispanic unemployment and that has cut the welfare bill. The effects of this cut is expenses is overshadowed by Obama Obligations that to this day are increasing the US Debt by 2,25 Trillion pa, but we believe that when China is either penalized with another hike of 25% in import duties or buys more American to balance the trade deficit, the positive effects off cuts in welfare costs will shine through.

  • Do not miss this marvelous opportunity. Never before was it  easier to get business and work permits for LEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN USA. IF YOU ARE A QUALIFIED PLUMBER, ELECTRICIAN - learn more!


If you are an immigrant, you cannot arrive without a credit rating. You will waste US$ 2,000 per month on hired cars   and motel rooms, so plan ahead! Get Credit active in the USA! Get Credit rated and invest wisely in wealth-creating business opportunities that only the USA is producing so far. UK may get there after Brexit, but as lomd as the EU bleeds their tax payers dry Britain is a place to avoid investing.

Options depend on education & courage. The educated may easily gain residence in Australia & NZ. Plumbers, electricians, Code 16 Drivers, engineers and almost any married couple under 40 years old, get in easily . An SA family was granted asylum in USA. In my view its worth taking the risk.

Buy to let property in USA. Create collateral! Pay 5.5% interest. Rent is 6% capital growth estimated  6%. , While the property earns 12% pa.- secure an Alibaba trade account up to 80% of property value. Then buy goods to resell wherever you have customers.

Buy property in USA to create collateral, while the property earns 12% pa.- secure Alibaba trade account

up to 80% of property to buy goods to resell wherever you have customers.

 Interest rates from 3.5%. Rent income 6% net. Visas easy for entrepreneurs

Mortgage interest 3.85%, net rent 3.25%. Cold & wet climate 70% of the year

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