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Make your money work for you- 15-18% pa secured by:

  • Mortgaged property

  • Control over the borrower

  • Authority to act (if necessary)

A secured loan, is a loan in which the borrower pledges some asset as collateral for the loan. Some lenders ask for cars, boats and jewelry. We don't consider movables a acceptable collateral. We are property experts and we stay within our area of expertise. We offer or find fixed property such as land to be developed and improved property such as apartments or offices.


We broker a deal between borrowers and lenders. We take a 3% commission, plus VAT, from the borrower, paid upon signature. Loan periods are negotiated from 1-5 years.


If would like to either lend money at 15% or borrow it at same, simply fill in the form below with your details and we'll match the most suitable borrowers and lenders.The transaction s handled by our attorneys who hold money in trust and deal with the collections and also stand as trustees and arbitrator for both lender buyer. This seamless package of services is cost effective and a no-nonsense way to do business.


Our system requires that the owner of the property hands over complete control of the property during the period of the loan. The borrower must provide these documents when signing the loan agreement: 

  • Power of Attorney (POA)authorizing the lender to sell the property - to be used in the event of default.

  • Waiver of borrower's rights to delay the the sale.

  • Signed sale agreement.

  • Signed transfer of shares or member's interest.

  • Appointment of the auditors as directors with Special POA to dispose of the asset.

  • In the event of land development, a cession of development profit.

These instruments make it quick and easy in the event of default to get the lenders cash without the need for lengthy legal action. We only put company owned properties into our system so lenders have complete control over the asset through a lien over the shares, directorship, authority to execute, and a mortgage over the property, so creditors cannot touch the asset.


Each property is valued by sworn appraisers used ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank, the bank prior to the registration of the mortgage to ensure the property has value to cover the loan. although the borrower pays the costs the Lender is the employers and therefore the valuer's required to mitigate risk for the lender. 

When the loan is repaid, the shares and directorship of the company is of the company are signed over to the borrower and the mortgage is cancelled.