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I had an hour or more conversation with a former Selous Scout WO2, this evening,named Madala for this report. We discussed the plight of probably 6,800 or more of former Selous Scouts and RAR soldiers. They have been unemployed since late 1980's. Selous Scouts' 800 African soldiers were integrated to RAR to protect them through anonymity. He estimated there were 800 Scouts and three battalions of RAR soldiers, plus about 3,000 admin corps.


After using RAR to take out John Nkomo's dissidents, Robert Mugabe accused Gen. Walls of planning a coup. Walls fled to Australia, and the Rhodesian's Security Forces were disbanded. WO2 Madala informed me his men were treated terribly, humiliated and cast into menial jobs often in fear of their lives. Most sneaked back to the TTL's to hide from discovery and retribution. Livinging the TTL with no access to telephones, mail, communications, media and business opportunity,  impaired their capacity to advance themselves. While we have invariably done very well for ourselves, they have lived a subsistence life of poverty. Due to overpopulation of the TTLs, they have insufficient land to run a viable farm. Old age, urbanization of youth and drought have forced these honorable men into starvation.

While WO2 Madala & I intend to establish a beneficiaries list. Then to find donors to fund a US$ 10 food parcel per month, to keep life and limb together. US$ 10.00 will buy 10 kg mielie meal, 2 kg dried nemu beans, 30 eggs, 10 mg salt. These men are married, so if you can manage another US$ 10 per month she'll be sorted too. If you can't well get two donors for one couple. You'll receive a picture of your adopted soldier (and  wife), and, monthly news letter from him.  

We are in the process of putting together a register of former servicemen. We propose to fund the disabled first, followed by the oldest to youngest. The funds will be paid to an insured trust account and audited by a Rhodesian auditor, so step up the mark; we're looking for a volunteer.

Please enroll on the right if you are in a position to adopt a masoja. I'd like a idea of how much support we have before we start budgeting for the distribution model. Our main challenge will be to get the goods to them because delivery to TTL's is cost unless we can find them in high concentration. The second challenge is to keep their identities secret. Imagine how pissed off the terrs will be if they see our men looked after while they get nothing. There is no use sending them money because  the cost of these goods is double what we can buy them for in Messina due to the black market in Zimbabwe.

The plan is to buy an 8 ton truck to run 15 trips per month from Messina to Zim.  Each trip will carry  400 food parcels to a distribution point for collection once per month.

Once we have dealt with the food issues I would like to start another project to take the British & EU Governments to the Hague to compel them to give all Caucasian & Colored Ancestry Citizenship. The basis of our claims is Colonial Powers breached their contract with us. They promised land under title deed, protection, law and order and a free economy. Then they forced us into settlements with criminals instead of giving time for an ordered handover. Then they abandoned us after we had been stripped of police and military protection. I believe we have a case to compel them to restore citizenship arising from this breach; therefore they must restore our right of abode. I sincerely believe this can work. I also believe we could the sue for compensation for losses. But I want to solve the problem of imminent starvation first. I'm planting the seed so you know what is coming next.

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Rhodesian History - Jameson Rais Cropped



PENSIONERS COMPLAIN - Britain abandoned 600 World War II, Burma, Egypt & Malaya Commonwealth solders - what are we doing for our men from the Rhodesian War?

PENSIONERS DESTITUTE - Zimbabwe abandons commonwealth pensions & no provision is made for Rhodesian Army Pensioners



Yes, I would like to list my contact details & resume in the True Patriot Magazine - 2 years free.