Property Syndications

  • 30% return 
  • Period 12-24 months
  • Secured by mortgage & cession of profit
  • First choice of finished properties & reinvestment in another syndication


Investments from R 500,000 earn 30% pa. The downside is, no monthly interest is payable. So, you have to be able to afford a 12-24 month wait. We secure your capital & interest using a mortgage over the property to be developed. A mortgage right is superior to the owner's or creditor claim. The developer and any potential creditor is in line behind you.

We undertake to pay 15% interest & a 15% betterment fee upon rezoning. The risks are  municipal approval might take longer than expected. We aim for twelve month turn around, but it could take longer.  If a syndication is dissolved for any reason, the betterment fee is forfeit, but the capital & interest is paid from seLling the property. Here are a few examples of investors' money at work:

  • Chartwell - R 10 million to buy 4.3 Ha with City of Joburg support for a 13,250 m² hotel, restaurant, exhibition & business center.  Funding buildings and settlement of bond.

  • Dream View, Waterkloof Heights -  R 10 mil. 1.2 Ha RES ! to extend scheme;: 20 x 320 m²  buy to let properties from R 3.5 mil. Funding  land purchase & fees.

  • Atlas Rd Boksburg - R 15 million - 4 ha planning approved for 150 x 120 m²  - Sectional Title homes. Funding first draws.

  • Brooklyn Heights - land secured. Planning approval done. Res II.  Professional fees, for redesign of 276 x 3.2 million apartments. 



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