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United States - Sponsored Employment

Updated: Feb 16

If readers doubt the authenticity of the claims in this article, please contact us. We'll glad supply your accountant and attorney our information under an NDA.

We have clients that will sponsor people that have transportation, I.T. building, teaching and perhaps we may add nursing skills if there is a demand for it. The general condition is the Applicant gives the employer five years service, is experienced, licensed and pays their way to the USA. WhatsApp + 27 76 96 96 525 giving Christian & Surname + EB-3 + Skills as your reference. i.e. John Smith-EB-3-Transporter.

Before we get there lets explain the sponsored visa system! There are are three sponsored visa processes, namely sponsored employment, sponsored family member and a system of limited-term work permits for various professions through the H, L & E2 Visa categories. The temporary work permits that don't give US Residence employment visas can take as little as two months, while residence permits can take from six months to ten years; dependent upon the demand in the USA for your skills and a Bureau of Labor priority grade. Many immigration attorneys do not tell applicants the success of their applications depends upon demand for the applicants skills in USA; skill requirement and visa suitability. So, for example, if an applicant is in the wrong service sector even a person with an employment contract could be turned down. It is important you check there is a demand for your profession first USCIS application fees and admin fees are not refundable,, so be careful.

Let's understand what "a sponsored petition" means. In America "sponsored" means, "applied for," and "petition" means," an application. So in American colloquial sense, the employer "applies for your application,' when they "sponsor your petition." In English, "sponsored petition" means to pay for persons to find to gather support for a cause. The employees often think it means the employer has agreed to pay all expenses to get them to the USA and many believe also that they are due rent, furniture and all other sorts of privileges. The fact is the employer is obliged to pay $ 700 for the I-140 application fee and not the entire bill for flights accommodation, legal fees and consulting services to get into the USA. Some people want accommodation, training and expenses thereafter; in the real world it does not happen. The rules are clear that the person must be properly licensed and competent before the date of application too so the employer is not going to foot your training bill.

It is important to notice too that applicants from Third World countries throw their money at solutions to get to work inthe USA for salaries that are three to four times higher and with lower cost of living,but often unknowing that the number of applications far exceed the number of Visas issued. Carter Logistics of owned by Carter Property & Finance. At CP&F makes its profit out of building a house for our applicants, and therefore, CL has no interest in processing applications that do not give permanent residence. If the EB-3 applicants don't get a visa we don't get the profit we hoped for from building the house. That is why our relocation cost are so low and why we arrange your credit rating and bond to buy a home. In essence we are putting in a year of effort into ensuring our EB-5 Applicants arrive in the USA with a successful I-140 (Temp Residence) and are qualified to secure a mortgage within 2 months of arrival, so we can build them a cluster home in an exclusive estate shown here. It is important to have a credit rating and a home to go to to save yourself from $ 13,530 in Tampa to $ 34,000 /pa in NYC in the first years in start us costs. Read more. Because interest is so low, and government services are good, private security and private education is unnecessary in the USA, and so, it is cheaper to live in Tampa, USA that RSA by far. Enjoying the same standard of living in Tampa, allows the applicant to save $ 40,000 per year over living in RSA from the same capital employed.

Under sponsored employment schemes the employer is only liable for $ 700 for your application fee.

Green card by family sponsorship usually takes three to four years in RSA. It could take up to fifteen years in countries such as China, Malaysia, Cambodia, North Korea, and India - dependent upon whether the quota is exhausted annually.

I emphasise a second time, before you get excited about having found out about the EB-3 method, keep this in mind! The US immigration service does not grant a Green Cards unless there is a shortage of that particular skill in the USA. You may have a job offer but if Bureau of Labor thinks USA has enough people with your qualifications they shan't support your application and if BoL doesn't give a clearance certificate your application is dead. You will lose whatever money you paid in.

A combination of demand for the applicant's skills, visa type, availability of Americans to do the job, strategic importance, and the annual quota for each country determine the outcome of an application, so be certain to check to see what is in demand before you do job hunting. USCIS says they issue 140,000 EB-3 visas issued each year and no more than 2% can go to any one country. So SA qualifies for a maximum of 2,800 EB-3 visas that must be allocated to the skills shortages in the USA. However I am told, we receive a quota of only seven hundred EB-3 Visas, so the supply of visas varies according to policies too. I mention this because Hong Kong is under threat and perhaps we might lose some of our allocation to them and if the ANC does take business assets and fixed property without compensation, 700 visas will be taken up within days. That will result in ten to fifteen wait lists like other parts of the world. I do believe that the communist-controlled ANC described by themselves in SA History will take white-owned property. To stay in power they must destroy people that oppose them looting tenders. property Our company intends taking up 300/700 of those visas during 2020 by supplying personnel to the logistics industry. This is a fact of life and to ignore it is stupidity.

This news piece is an American article. You will read that this is the pattern that caused 54/54 African countries to fail under marxist regimes and so I do believe that those that move now will be far better off than those that wait to immigrate. SA is the 54th country to be taken over by self-confessed marxists who have all crashed their economies in the same manner as the article below describes - take control over army, police, municipalities, run up the debts, increase tax, use force to suppress opposition and have an EFF-styled militia to do the dirty work they can't do because if risk of international interference and of course get their kids into our kids jobs and generally stuff up their futures. I suspect well soon have a Zimbabwe style melt down of the economy; deliberately destroyed so the Ruling Party may stay in power. My view is it is time to move out of RSA before the Ruling Party completes the destruction of the SA economy. It is important to have Permanent residence in the USA so you have a permanent immigration plan. Even if I am wrong and the Rand depreciation does not increase from it present 16% pa, the a person that has $ 50,000 to move now will only be able to buy $ 20,912 five years from now. If the meltdown comes I predict $ 50k will be worth $ 800 within a year based upon the Zimbabwe collapse which was typical: Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and many other African countries has similar high-inflation economic collapses. The other loss that those that wait will suffer is a potential saving potential $ 200,000 if they invested US$ 40,000 into training, relations, admin & legal fees for an EB-3 Visa in Carter Logistics Franchise. On a household income of $ 80,000 per year it is possible for a family of four to save $ 40,000 after all expenses including a bond. The best investment the stayers could make is to lend money to youngsters or others that want to go now at a fair rate of interest (6%) to get an offshore investment. Through a$ 50k loans account to an EB-3 emigre' we could engineer a credit rating that enables the "Stayer," to buy a $ 95,205 assets within two years, so there is a good reason for stayers to invest in immigrants leaving. Such loans will be secured by mortgage loans.

We chose franchises in transport because it is one of ten key industries that have a high EB-3 approval rate. Some occupations get preference depended upon their impact on the USA economy. For instance trucks drivers, plumbers, electricians, builders, nurses and teachers have an advantage over say a person with a B.Com say Marketing or an LLB.

America has an oversupply of blokes with degrees and a shortage of tradesmen. However, they don't want unqualified say builders supervising labour. I get dozen SA builders per week asking if they can get in. The answer is no. The USA insists that most management positions use people that have four year degrees and all tradesmen are apprenticed and qualified. At this time of writing (16/02/2020) tradesmen and even labourers have the advantage over persons with degrees. I have read, some applicants wait between 2-10 years fro and EB-5 and still get turned down. Choose an immigration attorney that knows the industry. We have half a dozen to choose from so WhatsApp +27 76 96 96 525. We can also do the verification of your qualifications in the USA.

If you want a fast track to work, it is faster and cheaper to apply for a temporary and seasonal workers permit that allows you to work ten months at a time and to return every year. If you are in the right industry it is certain to be issued within 2 months and renewed each year indefinitely. Many people use this method to get into the USA and then they transition to an EB-3 afterward. This is February 2020's estimates wait period an EB-3 application from the state department. The Bureau of Labour, Immigration & Social Security prefer this method because it reduces risk that immigrants from third world countries like South America, Arabia and Muslim Africa with no education come to bum off social security.

The EB-3 visa relies upon the sponsorship of a US Company. You have to find an employer who is prepared to be a surety to the US Government for you: to deport you and pay those costs if you misbehave in USA. But, it is worth the effort to apply through the EB-3 route because it leads to a Permanent Residence (Green Card) after five years and it is also a path to US Citizenship after another five years. If we have a list of US Employers seeking people with skills that are on Bureau of Labour's list of demands. Register your interest here.

The H1 & L1 series are temporary work permits that also rely upon the sponsorship of a US Company on the same sponsorship terms, however, L1 & H1 applications do grant right to work in the USA for two years, but these visas do not lead to a Green Card. L1 was intended for use with E-2 visas and SA Citizens don't qualify for them and secondly it was designed for larger companies, wrote Immigration specialist Dianne Ennis Stewart.

The employer must provide the employee a contract of employment. If the employee breaks the contract the employer may withhold a clearance certificate. That effectively bars the Applicant from staying or re-entering USA.

Another important issue is, the applicant of EB3, H1 & L1 series should have the skills necessary for the job before arrival in the USA and have one of the these qualifications:

In each case, the employer shall consult with the US Bureau of Labour to obtain the rates for the job and a no-objection certificate. The employer shall advertise the job, then apply determine if the jobs is on a list of skills sought.

For more information contact Charlotte Carter

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