My Dear Rhodesian Family,

It's time for a makulu indaba. I think it our time to do the right thing for former native Rhodesian servicemen; starting with feeding the starving and ending with getting ancestral passports for our white and colored colonials and refugee status for these men in a desperate situation. Lets start with a feeding program for those that need it.

I've had an hour long discussion with one of our former serviceman who was a W02 in Selous Scouts. I'll name him WO2 Madala. He says, the situation for former servicemen is dire in Zimbabwe. Most are aged between 58 and 68, but some are into their eighties and cannot work. All are unemployable under the Regime: most scrape by farming in the TTLs. But the TTL’s are overpopulated and they cannot make ends meet. Many are dressed in rags and are skin and bone. I have asked for pictures. WO2 Madala & I guessed this evening that there are approximately 6,800 former servicemen alive and most are unemployed. We are going to put a database together through getting the men to send in their ID and some form of proof. The Scouts sorted out WO2 Madala. He works in RSA for a Rhodesian as a security guard on a farm near Pietersburg. He checks fences and snares. Madala is 67 this year and still walks 8-10 km per day.

Starvation is humiliating. It's not right for men who loyally and bravely fought terrorism to die this way. Kindly give me an idea if you would donate $ 10 per month to adopt a former RhA soldier.

If you are able to employ a security guard or gardener at the minimum SA wage of R 2,500 plus accommodation that will work better. I think our men would prefer having work. Using the average age of service as a guess, I believe we are looking probably 4,000 able men that might do security jobs, gardening jobs, car wash, driver, and they would be delighted to bring their wives as to work as maids said WO2 Madala. A live in security or gardening job with wife as maid earning R 2,500 each would be a gift from heaven. They are probably making less than a tenth of that now in the TTLs. So, if you could help by either employing or networking among your connections, that's first prize.

These men are asking for nothing. I approached WO2 to get this happening. After I heard rumors of servicemen in trouble I decided to find out and it was them we decided to try out this call to Rhodesians for help. I intend to set up this as a registered charity and to have it audited quarterly by one of us, to show use of funds are used correctly. At R 15:1 exchange rate $ 10 (R 147.00) per month will buy beneficiaries a 10 kg bag of mielie meal, 2 kg beans, 30 eggs, 1.0 liter oil, 200g salt, seeds and a handful of for tomatoes, onions, rape and cabbage in season. We'll set up a registration system that requires verification of ID and service. This will be tricky. Because of the political risk we have to do this below the radar. Imagine if the terrs saw food parcels arriving for former servicemen and they get nothing.

I would like volunteers to help me reach Rhodesians worldwide to Adopt a Masoja (soldier) and wife. If you could commit to finding ten contributors or a job, that would be a gift from above. I don't have a lot of time on my hands as I am busy selling to leave RSA.

I suggest we start supplying the disabled, then those oldest to youngest. Those that adopt will receive the number rank and name of your serviceman, a photograph of him and his family; a beneficiary email address and a monthly news letter from the beneficiary in thanks of your support.

Somewhere along the line I hope to run out of Masojas to support, then to turn to find fresh funders prepared to pay US$ 10 to a legal fund to get Rhodesian whites and colors citizenship based upon ancestry. I believe we will need to fund a survey to prove genealogy of Caucasian and Colored folk. I would also like to try get political asylum for our native servicemen.

I believe we'll need a documents proving the Crown sent us, the terms like-self governance, freehold land rights, and show the improvement of the native conditions from 1800 to 1980. We can prove that Rhodes stopped the Mefcane genocides, stabilized food stupply,created employment, brought law and order and and end to routine raiding of the tribal wars. We can show the intimidation, the horrors of ZANU PF during the Rhodesian War, the Ghukurundi and persecution of ZANU PF’s opposition MDC to prove. I want these in a documentary series too, so the commies don’t get away with the narrative: that we were evil and the terrs were liberators. For this reason, I feel very strongly that we should have the Rhodesian Story published and safely recorded for future generations. We are going into a dark period where socialist dictatorships are rewriting the history books to suite their political purposes. I'd like my grandchildren to be proud of the pioneer stock, they came from and be able to defend themselves when harassed.

These films should be available on the internet and all contributors will be listed under the pages along with the cameras and crews. I believe it is necessary to support the last man and his wife standing, and we should care how history will judge Rhodesians; even though we came second. This initiative will go a long way to tell the world the truth about Rhodesians.

Join this fight for these benefits:

- Peace of mind that we didn't abandon men who fought with us for a free Rhodesia.

- Record the history the way it really happened

- Get citizenship or refugee status for all those servicemen that want to leave Zimbabwe.



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