Battery Types - charge cycles are measured from 20% Depth of Discharge​

It is important to notice that Green energies are cost-efficient. The global warming hoax is just the Left-Wing trying to make money out of you. Resist legislation that is being promulgated that makes you pay for rainwater and sunshine. This tax will be used to buy solar panels and batteries made in China by businesses financed by Nancy Pelosi's husband who facilitated many Dimtard-own green technologies promoted by the Global Warming Lobby. Yes, it is a Lobby. It is not scientifically proven and all this bullshit fighting is unnecessary. When  I will show you how to make your own electricity and store it for a cost of less than $ 0.03c/kWh global warming owned by  The Liberals have bought up the factories

  1. Life PO4 - 9kg/kWH - good for automotive use 2,000 cycles, combustible, explodes from thermal runaway.

  2. NiFe KOH - 40 kg/kWh - Nickel Iron - very hardy, heavy, good for train rolling stock, is very safe and good for 10,000 cycles. No thermal runaway is possible.

  3. H2SO4 - 27.91 kg.kWh - uses - car batteries, includes deep-cycle gel batteries 80 cycles, explodes from thermal runaway, degrades easily if not fully charged, must charge 8rs at C/0.4 and further 5 hrs at C/0.15. All H2SO4 are unsuitable for solar use for this reason. Solar only gives 5.5 hrs of sunshine to charge daily and so, from the moment you buy your batteries you are using charge methods that accelerate the early death of the battery.

  4. Fe H₂O - 200 kg/kWh - Saltwater & Iron - non-toxic very cheap 12 meter container holds 50 kWh x 4 + 200kWh. How to make it. makes a 200 kWh battery which is big enough to power eight houses with 25 kWh of electricity per home per day. No thermal runaway is possible.