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"The immigrant's first priority is to find out what skills D.o.Immigration wants, then to find a job. Start credit-building more than 12-months before departure; aim for a +700 credit score. Upon arrival; buy a home & vehicle, to reduce the cost of living while improving the standard of living - typically saving $ 13,530 in Tampa USA vs $ 34,000 in NYC in the 1st year. European cities are far worse, so watch out! 38% return," wrote Marlize Contact on Marlese Badenhorst
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Americanisms have curious meanings. "EB" is simple enough. EB is an abbreviation for "employment-based." To succeed with an application under EB-3 Sponsored Employment Regs one needs a lawful US resident to stand as a sponsor which means guarantor. The immigrant can't self-guarantee. So, a US business must apply and grant a job, and if unhappy with the immigrant, return the immigrant. The guarantor safeguards the state against the immigrants medical or social security costs for forty months. It is a misunderstanding that a sponsor must pay the immigrant's expenses. Not so, the sponsor may claim these expenses from the immigrant. To legally bind the guarantor to pay state medical & the dole, the state requires the sponsor to apply for the immigrant. And, if the immigrant is a lawbreaker (even drunken driving), the sponsor the cost of repatriation if the immigrant doesn't pay. Because so many factors affect eligibility it is necessary to ask you to kindly fill in the form below so we may guide you. Failed applications are a waste of time & money, so, we grant you a free assessment if you register today. Carter Logistics will provide service to persons that want to employ through other organisations too. More info will follow after your assessment


 Make certain your qualify before application  
Don't use a business permit to seek employment!

Self-employment Opportunities Available

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because they didn't   check   the Bureau

Iris  & Albert waited since 19-footsek    for a, "No."              

of Labour waitlist is 3-10  years for
Like taking candy from a baby ... no agents told little Johnny he'd lose his money if the application failed! No agent bothered to check with bureau of Labour before the    application                                                                                                                   
After 1,600-truck drivers
sponsored employees in low
received EB3s2019 vs 312
uni graduates it dawned on
 Albert USA wants
workers, not manager

Carter Logistics provides businesses to extract family units

A family business employing up to four couples could get Green Cards from as little as  $ 50,000 per family & have the security of a household income of $ 92,500 p.a/person against a cost of living of $ 4,600/pp/pa (Ref: Numbe0), and tax of $ 8,900 (Ref: Numbe0),

Some immigrants
 aren't on USA's
priority sectors
He thinks sponsors
sponsors pay costs
& high  wages
  • House             $ 250k
  • Furniture        $     7K
  • Appliances      $     3k
  • Vehicle            $   25k
  • Trade Finance $150k
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