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Carter Property Group /  Cell ((076) 969-6525/  admin@carter.net.za +1 305 767 1658 or Contact


... for only a privileged few  


(408 m² with a view like this)


Since Harare's diplomats moved south, Waterkloof's experienced a shortage of quality buy-to-let properties. Waterkloof's favored by the diplomatic community for it's security, schools & convenience. Waterkloof's a secure & lucrative investment. We lease your property for ten year, so you don't need to worry where your rent comes from. A 7% rent & the average capital growth of past 20 years indicates ROI shall exceed 18.0%. We've managed BTL property for market 34 years.

2002 - I bought a R 195,000 apartment from the Carters with only a R 30,000. I didn't have the hassle of finding tenants because they rented from me for ten years. In 2017 I sold for R 1.9 mil. From 1994 it paid R 1.314 mil. rent, so, I made R 3.214 mil. from R 30,000.
By comparison,  R 100k invested in a RSA insurance company during 1995, made R 358,000 & the JSE made R 960,000 with a 40% risk of loss. My money's staying in property.
Chris Tarbuck (081) 079-3206

Penthouse gardens, basement cellars, soundproofed home theaters, gyms & bars shall become  the rage amid Waterkloof's status conscious diplomatic community. Invest in Waterkloof now! R 3.9 million buys a 408 m2 home & a ten year lease bearing 7% rent yield and forecast 11% capital growth per year.

Stability & wealth through real estate"