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TRADE FINANCE 4.85% - 5.5% 


Most of Africans are conditioned to dodge around exchange control. This is unnecessary if you have a Carter Property & Finance account. We'll get you set up with an offshore company, a trust to hold your shares and directors to do your signing & administration. You could  do business free of liability enjoying the protection of trustees and directors that take you out of the firing line; while enabling you to continue to trade. If you are a trader we advise you to buy a buy to let property in our US Republican residencies, where your money will earn 6% net rental, plus 6% capital growth, guaranteed for ten years. Using the same property as collateral, secure an Alibaba trade account up to 70% of net asset value! Assuming you are a cash buyer you could earn 10-15% per month importing goods from China to Africa, Americas or EU. Trading is easy these days. It is a matter of putting buyers and seller together at th right price.

Carter Property & Finance services:

  • Build a +700/800 point USA credit rating

  • African residents' finance 4.85%-5.5% up to $ 1,000,000

  • US residents' up to $ 1,500,000 from 3.50% - 4.25%

  • Processing of business & residence visas

  • Managed property earning 12% pa

  • Managed property paying $ 85 per $ 1,000 borrowed after property tax, management fees & provision for maintenance

  • Estimated Capital growth of 6% pa  (x 5 years)

  • Alibaba trade finance up to 70% of property NAV

  • Syndicated property investment opportunities earning up to 30%


When you buy a Carter buy-to-let property it is start of internationalizing your business, and it could lead to US residency in the USA under the present EB5 business program