Carter Property & Finance offers a profitable route to US Citizenship. While developers we know lock your money unsecured into their projects for up to five years paying 0% Interest, capital locked in five years, unsecured, we protect your capital with a 2nd mortgage and we pay you 6% interest per year & your moneys repoaid within 25 months. .

There is no reason to invest through a developer. You may start your own business. The EB5 is useful to those that want to carry on living in South Africa while getting a developer to fulfil their employment obligations to secure the elusive Green Card. There is still requirement however for the EB5 Applicant to spend some time in America.


Your capital will be used to fund deposits for housing development for South Africans working under EB3. I.e. Carter Property & Finance has secured five year employment contracts for truck drivers. They are to be paid $ 57,500 pa.  They will qualify for a $ 280,000 mortgage, but will require a 25% down payment. Bank of America will fund the balance. We intend to use the EB5 to provide the driver 15% of the required 25% for periods of 2 year. The employer shall deduct $ 2,000 per month until it repaid with 12% interest. Their property will carry a 2nd mortgage to cover you and the drivers should be married. Wives will work from a call centre at the village earning $ 30,000 per year or driving with the driver earning $ 57,500 too.

Many developers allow their agents to make these claims. We don't. These are the most common lies told to EB5 Applicants:


  • Lie 1 - You have to invest through a Regional Centre - No you do not!


  • Lie 2 - if named Regional Centre the Developer has powers to issue Green Cards - Incorrect.


  • Lie 3 - USCIS preapproves the Green Cards so you are guaranteed a Green Card - Green card is subject to employment of ten lawful residents & investing $ 1,000,000 or $ 500,000 in a Targeted Employment area.


  • Lie 4 - The developer cant provide security because USCIS says you rmoney has to be at risk - Incorrect we provide security.


  • Lie 5 - The investment period required is 5 years - Incorrect it is a little as two years.


  • Lie 6 - No interest is payable to EB5 Applicants - incorrect we pay 6% pa

Carter Property & Finance’s offer to EB5 Applicants is as follows:

  • 6% Interest is payable upon invested funds

  • We secure your funds are secured by a second mortgage and cession of home owners salary.

  • Invest in Herando County By 1st November USCIS minimum investment is $ 900k in TEAs and $ 1.8 million in all areas .

  • I-526 Temp. Res, issued 3-6 months & conditional Green Card <18 months & Green Cards from 24-36 months, subject to quotas

  • While you cards processed earn 6% int. pa

  • Developer will assign employee quotas to your EB5 in advance of the loan

  • EB5 funds are secured by mortgage/lien

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