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Nick AC Carter
Managing Director
Carter Property Group
We established Carter & Carter during 1983. Our focus is buy-to-let property. Because rental property in growing cities world wide is the safest and best performing investment there is, we've prospered by bringing our clients managed investment property. When buying property for investment you need to be part of an organisation that has is contractually committed to lease, maintain and sell your property onward when you want to exit. We do this. At point of sale we lease the property from you for ten years to guarantee your income and we manage the maintenance of yoru property and estate. R 30,000 invested at The Waldorf during 1995 made R 3.142 million by 2015: by comparison the average insurance policy produced R 105,709.
These are our latest investment property products aimed at producing top rates of returns:  
  • Riverside Hotel, Chartwell, Fourways - a boutique hotel to situated on the Klein Juskei River up stream from Dainfern  & Steyn City. Fourways Precinct is the fastest room hotel In RSA. It is to become Southern the hemisphere's Africa's largest shopping center.   Lanseria Airport 10 km north of Fourways is the preferred international airport for SADC travel.   Rent yield is 8.0% net, paired with estimated capital growth of 10% pa = ROI 18%.
  • Republican Residences Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas USA. In our view every South Africans should have property in USA. When expropriation occurs only persons with property producing income from US$ sources will survive the hyper inflation that is to come. Republican Residences offer a unique opportunity to invest in Tax Free Texas. Gain your Green Card by investing with us. In short, invest in US property, get a Green Card while working in South Africa and have the peace of mind to know you are untouchable. Retirement homes are available too.
  • 4.3 hectares
  • 40 suite apartments
  • Restaurant bar & theatre 
  • Exhibition center 5,000 m2
  • Offices for admin, maintenance & security
  • High security access control & camera system
  • Armed defense
  • Riverside picnic area 260 mx80 m
  • Horse riding (dressage & show jumping)
  • Swimming pool (25 yard)
  • Restaurant, bar & theatre
  • Sauna & gym 
  • 20.4 hectares
  • 400 x 60 m2 en suite apartments
  • Bus transport - 4.3 miles/9 min to campus
  • Offices for admin, maintenance & security
  • High security access control & camera system
  • Armed defense
  • Common room, restaurant bar & theatre
  • Horse riding (show jumping & steeple chase)
  • Swimming pool (25 yard)
  • Gym & squash courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Cycle & running tracks (2 km)
  • Driving range
  • 2 ha pond & picnic area
  • Flying Club 
  • Scuba Club 
  • Sailing Club
  • $ 100,000 per 732 ft2 (600m2) suite 40% down
  • Crowd funding syndication - from US$ 10,000
Flying - C337
My most relaxing pastime is flying. Flying forces me to forget all the other things that are normally on my mind. The greatest pleasure of flying is choosing a new destination somewhere in the bush where there are no navigational aids and finding an airfield, is somewhat like a needle in a haystack. There is a great send of satisfaction travelling  a thousand or more kilometers to find that proverbial needle.
My Dogs & Horses 
Last but not least, I love my dogs and horses. They are part of my family
BAHAMAS  CARRIBEAN - 600 waterfront homes, 400 room hotel & marina
GOBABIS NAMIBIA - 502 cluster  120 m²  homes
Hemingway's - 600 residential homes and a 400 room hotel
Our plan is to sell this development off plan and build  it during 2019. We shall combine a resort, a marina and a residential estate. It is aimed at 3,800 offshore professionals who are about to fall into the South African tax net from February 2019. Investors in our project will get a immediate residence, and they will avoid paying from $ 44,000 to $65,000 pa year in taxes. Americans will save from $ 44,000 to $ 88,000 pa. 
Gobabis Namibia - 502 residential homes 
Omaheke Lifestyle Estate at Gobabis is a unique development in t housing market aimed at government employees. It will offer a sports club.
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