A USA social security number is the South African Equivalent of an ID number. You can apply for one if you know the rules. It is a tracking number in the USA. All government, ICE & Police information systems are integrated. It is a gateway to USA and also the gatekeeper to discourage illegal immigration. Carter Property & Finance is building property under the EB5 Visa process. When you buy a Carter buy to let property it is the beginning of a process that could lead to a Green Card. When you have a social security card you have access to accounts, finance, work, and eventual residency dependent upon the path you take. There are more ways that days in a week to become a citizens of the USA. It all starts here for South Africans.

The social security card is the key to the door of many other services and it enables you to do business with companies and persons in the USA. The ability to buy on account starts the credit rating process. The next hurdle you have to get a credit rating is to find people that will give you credit. Carter Property & Finance made it easy for you. The Carter Credit Builder package provides you:

  • Five credit building accounts

  • A bank account with $ 1-5,000 OD limit

  • A Carter Property & Finance VISA Card

  • Vehicle HP - Jeep Wrangler from $ 259 p/m

  • +600/800 Trans Union Rating 12-24 months

  • Carter Mortgage up to $ 1,500,000

  • No Property
  • No entry visa
  • No bank account
  • No Visa card
  • No accounts
  • No credit score
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  • Twitter Round

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